dear blogreaders, i love rihanna! her style, her photo's on her new album, called: LOUD, her red hair (i have red hair to, but not thát red). i just adore her. do you love her to? :)
omg! friday is prom and i still don't have shoes! but, tomorrow i'm going to
a place called 'sneek', and i HAVE to find nice shoes in sneek :D

xoxo' marye


I think red is the new black, you think?
xoxo' marye


o my god ! i just got a new camera from my dear daddy and my sweet mommy! hmm , WHAT A BEAUTIFULL CAMERA! brr, the weather here in holland is so cold! my toes are just freezing :S prom is coming and i do not yet have a dress and shoes! :( i visited a lot of sites, but not one site is able to give me the right dress! next Friday is prom already! so I must quickly find a nice dress! do you know sites?

xoxo marye!


Hey guys, unfortunately my camera is broken. So i'm not able to blog :(
i'm sorry!
on my birthday i get a new camera, so you have to wait.